For Google Customer Match targeting, AdWords advertisers can use phone numbers & addresses.

After reading this information you will analyze that now Google Customer Match has become more accessible to those advertisers who are not having a very large email list of customers.
Through AdWords campaigns, Google has added various techniques for businesses to target their known customers with it. From this month advertisers can now upload their phone numbers along with their mailing addresses for better Customer Match retargeting and similar audiences.

In 2015 when this customer match was launched it help marketers to upload lists of customers or some other lists of proprietary (newsletter subscribers). Google matches phone number and mailing address information with user-provided data that is available on Google accounts, as with email data.
Google’s own hashed strings are used to find matches from Hashed email addresses and phone numbers. Those selected matches are then added to customer match list of marketers.
For the purpose of mailing address matching, Google says it a matching key is generated to join hashed name and address data for Google accounts. When we have uploaded the list with the hashed customer name and addresses there is no need to add hash zip and country data, because Google automatically constructs a key based on our Google Accounts to compare.
To match targeted customers advertisers can use Customer Match across all Google properties that will include search text as well as shopping ads, display, YouTube, and Gmail. This list can also be used for creating the similar audience for retargeting on youtube and Gmail campaigns.
AdWords API is used to upload Phone and mailing lists or by Adwords interface.
On adding more phone numbers and the mailing addresses will open more opportunities for marketers who are not having a huge amount of email addresses to
The addition of phone numbers and mailing addresses opens up more opportunities for marketers that don’t have large sets of email addresses to grip their own first-party data that may be from catalog and some call center sales, for example, say in Google campaigns.