Future Android versions may hide network signal strength.

Another code focused on the Android Open Source Project insights Google may enable telecom administrators to shroud the flag quality data.
Google is probably going to expel a clever component from Android telephones that enabled them to test organize quality all the more precisely.
As indicated by a write about XDA Developers, the following form of Android, named as Android P, will expel the system status highlight from cell phones. The change will just influence the system quality that goes inside Settings, and not expel the bars from the telephone screen.
To test your portable system on your Android cell phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Status > SIM Status > Signal quality. On the Signal quality, you will see the system quality measured in dBM (decibel milliwatts) and additionally ASU (Arbitrary Strength Unit) which is a whole number esteem relative to the got flag quality. 

You can check the system quality in a comparable way in more established renditions of Android, KitKat and Lollipop, however it is somewhat extraordinary in variants more seasoned than Android 4.4 KitKat.
All in all, what does dBM units mean? All things considered, bring down the dBM units, better the flag. For example, - 60dBM is considered close flawless while - 112 is considered as to a great degree poor.
Note that these figures give you data about the telephone gathering and changes for various radios.
Be that as it may, these details give you a smart thought about the gathering quality. This strategy can come helpful when you are in a territory with poor scope or a no man's land.
In the event that you discover this strategy dull, you can download outsider applications, for example, Open Signal which shows arrange quality, web speed and even adjacent cell towers. The application demonstrates adjacent Wi-Fi hotspots and has a compass pointing towards the close-by cell tower.
You can likewise download TikTik which doesn't detailed the understanding on the system quality however gives you a similar examination of the system offered by various telecom specialist co-ops.
The application investigations the freely accessible administrator data on TRAI gateway to display a straightforward five-star rating for all systems in your region. Another brilliant application is Network Signal Guru which even takes a shot at established gadgets. You can likewise consider SignalCheck Lite another system quality measuring application.
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