Google Extends Length of Titles and Descriptions

Google has rolled out a huge improvement to its list items pages by expanding the length of titles and descriptions. This was first spotted by Ross Hudgens on Twitter, and later gave an account of by Jennifer Slegg at The SEM Post.
Title labels have been expanded to 70– 71 characters, which is up from its past 50– 60 characters. That is at any rate enough to fit in another word or two.r Slegg at The SEM Post.
Meta descriptions have been expanded by 100 characters for every line and reached out from a few lines. That is a huge increment and exhibits significantly a greater amount of a chance to outline for searchers what the page is.
Slegg reports that Google is as yet truncating the portrayals to two lines for some, query items still, so you may even now observe them coming in at around 160 characters now and again.

At the point when a three line cut is shown they come in at 278 characters for every line. Note this might be a test which Google could switch whenever. By the organization's own affirmation, it is dependable A/B testing. So it's a smart thought not to construct your SEO endeavors with respect to these numbers until the point that it's known without a doubt if the test will turn into a perpetual change.
Analysts in the Reddit string generally concur the change hasn't been taken note. Redditor Jonathan Jones likewise wrote in his own particular blog that the change has affected CTR decidedly, which could be a sign it will be setting down deep roots on the off chance that it proceeds to item positive change.
Jones recommends measuring your CTR from prior to May 4th to now to see if you’ve noticed any positive or negative change as a result of the longer search snippets.